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Our Services for Pharmaceutical and Animal Health Companies

We can help you optimize your team performance by tailormade business consulting to meet exactly your current needs. You can overcome peak load periods  by letting us help you with marketing planning, sales/CRM training activities, FF or marketing/sales manager coaching,  material production, potential analyses for new product budgeting and many other things. We help you reach and exceed your goals even during busy launch periods and whenever your permanent headcount is suboptimal to maximize the business. 


Real Rainmakers with it´s network has a plenty of experience of medical and veterinary medical industry. Our team members have personal experience in the leadership of  Nordic organizations, as well as the management of sales and marketing teams in global matrix organizations. We are also very well familiar with face-to-face customer work, medical writing/terminology, recruiting processes and pharmacovigilance.


In other worlds, we are able to offer you quite unique services thanks to the wide experience and extensive network of our team members and partners in the medical industry .


As an example, just think about local adaptation of international marketing materials: we  do not only translate English originals to the Nordic and Baltic languages. We do it with appropriate medical terminology, and we optimize the language to maximize the customer impact. Still we help you stay within the framework of local regulations and guidelines of medical marketing. As we possess also photo and video editing skills,  we can also adapt or change the visual elements of your materials when needed.  


 Cross pollination and external perspective are keys to further development. That is why it often makes sense to partially outsource business critical educational  tasks like sales/customer service training and launch preparation of the field force.


Executive level peer coaching, manager level coaching and field force coaching are also excellent ways to develop your key persons, as well as to increase their commitment and loyalty to your company.



We can help you for example with:

  • Product Launch Preparations
  • Sales Training of your Field Force/Sales Team
  • Executive/Managerial Coaching of your Key Team Members
  • Market Analysis
  • Launch or Change of CRM Systems
  • Customer Experience Evaluations (Customer Research)
  • Local Adaptation of Marketing and Technical Materials to the Nordic/Baltic Markets
  • Headhunting of Medical and Veterinary Medical Professionals
  • Temporary Leadership of your Sales and/or Marketing Team  


Do not allow the headcount or peak load periods to limit your sales growth - Contact us already today!



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