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Our Consultants Ready to Boost Your Business

We offer our services based on an extensive network of business professionals with solid experience in leadership, management, sales, marketing, coaching and business development.

Several of our partner consultants have in-depth knowledge of leadership, sales and marketing  in global pharmaceutical and/or animal health industry.

Real Rainmakers Team Members have also hands-on experience in social media marketing, local and global trade as well as the development of small and medium sized companies.

Most importantly, we select for you always a consultant who is the best fit with your current business need.



Let us present briefly two of our Consultants:


Pekka Rantajärvi, Finland

Pekka has gained experience in the fields of leadership, strategic planning, team management, organizational development, project leadership and CRM, to mention just the most crucial ones.

During the latest 15 years Pekka has been working successfully for two leading global animal health companies: Pfizer (/Zoetis) and Schering-Plough (/MSD).

In his positions, he has been responsible for both team and process leadership, operations development as well as strategic planning and the overall P&L in the Scandinavian region.


His leader and manager roles in the global companies have given him valuable co-operative and networking skills as well as international experience of all aspects of optimizing business in multicultural and target-oriented context.


Pekka has been driving successfully many types of business development initiatives, market analyses and product launches. He  led the change management in connection to company acquisitions as well as managed and developed sales and marketing teams in global matrix organizations. 


He has been also working at the Ministries in Finland and Sweden and he has been for years representing these countries at the various working parties of European Commission and Council. 


Further, Pekka has experience in international trade, online business, social media marketing, international trademark registrations, entrepreneurship etc. 


He has Master of Science in Vet Med from SLU in Uppsala, Sweden and Marketing Degree (MKT) from Marketing Institute in Helsinki, Finland. He is fluent in English, Finnish and Swedish.


Pekka is ready to help you grow your business too!



Aiste Mazoniene, Lithuania 

Aiste has in-depth experience in sales and marketing in Pharmaceutical / Animal Health Business in all the three Baltic Markets.


She has reached successes as a marketing manager with P&L responsibility in the leading pharmaceutical company Pfizer/Zoetis and before that as a product manager in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods distribution company Eugesta.


Aiste was responsible for Pfizer AH marketing in the three Baltic Countries more than 10 years and she launched successfully over 30 brands within the Baltic and Belarus markets.


She has also been working with marketing projects at the European HQ of  Pfizer/Zoetis  in Paris.


Aiste has experience also in the  management of business integrations and European projects in global matrix organizations, training of sales field force, market analysis, monitoring and development of sales performance etc.


She has a Master of Business Management and Administration from Vilnius University in Lithuania. 

Aiste is based in Vilnius, Lithuania, and she is fluent in English, Lithuanian and Russian.


Aiste is ready to help you grow your business too!


Contact us today and tell about your needs. We are happy to help you grow your business!




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